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Wotherspoon Wealth is Adelaide’s first truly independent investment advice firm…
and we’ve been doing it for years.

Our advice is always based on your unique situation, objectives and attitude towards risk. We explain the options and devise a strategy that is 100% customised and designed to obtain the best outcomes for you.

History of Results

Tailored investment advice that’s proven to perform, demonstrated by our model portfolio returns of 21.6% p.a. for 3yrs to June 2015. You can track your progress via our online portal 24/7, so you always know where you stand.

You’re in Safe Hands

With over 36 years’ of experience, our award winning advice means you can be confident of your money decisions. We take care of your money with the same level of attention we do our own – rigor and process for peace of mind.

Transparent Process

Our private wealth advice is unbiased and impartial, which ensures your interests always come first. We work on client fees only, so we work only for you. Absolutely no hidden fees or conflicts of interest – transparency is paramount.

For people who want to do more with their money.

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financial planning

Our clients come to us with money to invest, or with a real desire and capacity to start building wealth.

You may already have started investing on your own but are now looking to work with knowledgeable, skilled professionals to take it to the next level.

“We really can help people get a better result than on their own.” – John Wotherspoon

You understand the value of delegating to professionals and your time is at a premium.

Does that sound like you?

By working together with us on managing your financial life, we can build a portfolio together to match your preferences and keep it humming, while taking the work and stress away for you. We’ll regularly prompt you with ongoing reviews and consultation so you stay on track, whatever changes arise.

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It’s not just about the numbers, it’s about real people and our clients say it best.

“I can highly recommend Simon and the team at Wotherspoon Wealth for providing independent financial advice that is easy to understand. Great service, reporting and attention to detail.”

financial planning

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