Client FAQs

When people approach us for advice they usually have one main concern to solve but want someone trustworthy to guide them. Some just want a sounding board. We’ve advised people through several market cycles and most seek understanding, technical excellence and durability. Together, we build mutual respect through empathy, education and solving issues that arise over many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is independent financial advice and why do I need it?

Independent advice is not biased towards any particular product or solution. Applying our knowledge of investment, tax, superannuation and social security matters, we work with you towards a personalised approach that optimally meets your needs.

We’re not owned or influenced by any financial institution. This means we can explore the full range of options to help you achieve robust outcomes. With no product to sell, there’s no potential conflict between our advice and any investment solutions we may recommend to reach your goals.

You pay us to work with you towards your best result. Our only revenue is the fees you pay us. Obtaining independent financial advice to optimise your money decisions gives you an extra layer of protection so your best interests come first, every time.

Find out more about ‘Independent Advice’.

How many years of financial advice/investment management experience do you have?

Wotherspoon Wealth was established in April 2010 with experienced advisers in a client-centric process that established Adelaide’s first truly independent investment advisory firm. Our advisers have about 60 years’ combined investment experience across much legislative change and several major market cycles – property, bond and stock market booms and busts. This is most valuable since down markets can illustrate the merit of prudence, while sustained booms can expose vulnerability.

Who specifically would be advising me?

You’d work directly with one of our key advisers, all of whom enjoy collegiate support among our Directors and other advisers.

Wotherspoon Wealth has 5 financial advisers with strategic and investment advising experience and skill, supported by six administrative services staff.

Your adviser would be your key contact with a designated ‘Client Services Manager’ to manage the implementation of your portfolio and strategic advice. Wotherspoon Wealth staff all readily lend a hand to you as needed – we encourage a collegiate, open plan to respond quickly and readily accommodate any brief absences.

We complement this with expertise from specialist asset consultants:

  • Danial Moradi, Senior Equities Analyst at Lonsec, provides us with specialist Australian Equities analysis;
  • Nicholas Thomas, Senior Investment Consultant at Lonsec, provides our investment committee with guidance on Governance & the economic outlook; and
  • Tim Farrelly, Director of Farrelly’s and former director at Macquarie Bank, provides us with expert asset allocation input.

We also draw upon quantitative and qualitative investment research from other specialist sources, including:

  • Morningstar Direct
  • Bell Potter
  • Lonsec

How would we work together?

Our four-step wealth management process establishes your current situation, goals, needs and risk tolerance upon which we base our strategic and investment advice.

We work with our clients in an ongoing way to ensure continued financial security and confidence.

How is Wotherspoon Wealth licensed/regulated?

We obtained our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), since we had the skills and experience to do so many years ago.  This way, Wotherspoon Wealth is regulated directly by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) without influence from any other party.  Being self-licensed has a higher cost than being authorised by another licensee but it ensures we avoid institutional ties that might otherwise create bias or conflict of interest in our advice to you.  

So unlike many advisory firms, we’re not owned by a larger institution or licensee that may have its product or services to sell. We choose when to complement our in-house views by conferring with various external firms in their areas of speciality where we perceive there is a benefit.

What training do you provide your financial advisers?

Wotherspoon Wealth provides all our professional staff with a tailored training program, monitored and measured for mutual benefit through the year. Each year advisers must complete at least 40 hours of continuing professional development, including a significant investment component.

We also seek external training programs in specialist knowledge areas. For example, our advisers participate in structured training programs with the following organisations:

  • Portfolio Construction Forum (for structural investment trends)
  • Self Managed Super Fund Association of Australia (specialist tax issues for SMSFs)
  • Financial Planning Association of Australia (professional and technical trends)

How can Wotherspoon Wealth help me achieve my goals?

Our clients have achieved excellent outcomes over the years. We can work together with you to create a personalised strategy and portfolio aligned to your specific objectives.

We’d first confirm and agree on a tailored asset allocation objective for your portfolio. This is derived by matching your risk tolerance (or how you’ll feel about the investment journey) against your lifestyle goals and objectives (the destination).

We’ll then provide you with the tools to monitor your unique portfolio and ensure your agreed strategy stays on track.

Key benefits:

  • Complete transparency, tax efficiency and control.
  • Beneficial ownership of your own investments (you own your investments directly).
  • The certainty of income to meet your needs.

How will you track and report our progress?

Dynamic reporting is available online via our website.

Audited End of Financial Year reports can also be provided, depending on your investment structures.

What do you do when an investment performs poorly?

Long-term forecasting helps frame our investment views. We assess future expected returns to consider, “what would you do with a fresh dollar today?”

A sound basis for assessment makes for decisions that are more robust. Sometimes a period of poor performance does not change our view… it may just mean you’ve bought a little early and sitting tight or buying more may yet reward your patience. Our approach is to buy for the longer term, so we can be buying when shorter-term investors are selling. Better buy prices are possible with a motive that differs from the herd.  Having a longer view also means we’re not directly competing with the many short-term computer traders and fund managers.

What makes Wotherspoon Wealth the best choice for me?

  • True independence.
  • Outstanding track record with ‘hands on’ investing.
  • Proven collaboration with external specialists.
  • Dedicated, experienced advisers.

Do I need to live in Adelaide to work with you?

No, we assist investors locally, interstate and from all over the world.

How do I get started?

Visit our Getting Started page to find out what to expect when you contact Wotherspoon Wealth for independent investment and financial advice or schedule a no-obligation, free first appointment with one of our team today!

Wotherspoon Wealth offers independent investment advice to help you manage, grow and maintain your wealth.