Getting Started

Our four-step wealth management process ensures your needs, goals, and risk tolerance are the basis for our strategic and investment advice. Your comfort and confidence in your financial decisions are key to a successful ongoing financial relationship.

Whatever your goals, we can help you reach them.

Here’s what to expect when you contact Wotherspoon Wealth for independent investment and financial advice:


Step 1 – Complimentary First Appointment

Having a conversation is where it all starts…

When you visit our office, we’re looking to understand your objectives and what drives you – not just where your money is. Understanding what drives you and what’s important to you is critical to investment outcomes.

We’ll explain more about who we are, what we do and how we may be able to help you, and you can ask as many questions as you like. This is your chance to decide whether you’d like to work with us. And of course, we only work with people we truly believe we can help.



Step 2 – Comprehensive Statement of Advice

Once we mutually agree to move forward, we’ll develop strategic and investment advice tailored to your needs. This is documented in your personalised financial plan, known as a Statement of Advice, designed to help you achieve the goals most important to you.

We’ll meet again in our office to present this report back to you. Again, you can ask us as many questions as you need to be comfortable that the strategy and advice is right for you.



Step 3 – Implement

When you’re comfortable with our advice, you’ll sign our ‘Authority to Proceed’ and formally engage by signing our “Ongoing Care” agreement – it’s our promise to you about the service we’ll deliver in the coming 12 months and your part in this.

Our highly skilled team will then implement your plan, including:

  • Contacting relevant industry members to make things happen efficiently.
  • Taking care of any paperwork, such as rollovers, new accounts or investments, insurance applications, SMSF, pension, or income stream establishment and more.
  • Monitoring and confirming investment transactions, so you always know where you stand.



Ongoing Care – Welcome to our Ongoing Care Service

We believe ongoing review is critical to enduring success. It gives you the confidence to weather the ups and downs of the market and freedom to focus on the things in life that matter most to you.

We’ll get back together face to face at least once a year to assess your portfolio performance against our agreed targets and the broader market, ensure your investments are on track and review your goals and objectives.

We also touch base every quarter with recommendations for where your portfolio may need some adjustments. Of course, the markets don’t wait to announce news inline with your reviews, so we also provide ad-hoc advice along the way.

You’ll receive access to our online portal, where you can view your portfolio 24 hours a day. And of course, we are always available by phone & email to answer any questions along the journey.

“As your private wealth adviser, your success is our success” – Simon Wotherspoon

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"We have found Simon to be easy to work with, having a good understanding of our situation and coming up with a financial plan we can work with that suits our needs both now and in the future. In addition to his professionalism and expert knowledge he is a genuinely nice person and, therefore, we

Johanne and Dennis Eaton February 4, 2015

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