Our Clients

Our clients come to us with money to invest, or a real desire and capacity to start building their wealth. Though we deal with a wide range of clients from a variety of personal backgrounds, we find we add most value to those in the following circumstances:

Retired or Planning for Retirement

Set yourself up for a comfortable retirement

As you move from work to retirement, it’s important to carefully build the foundation of your future financial security. At Wotherspoon Wealth, we understand the issues involved and we work with a wide variety of clients daily to optimise their unique situations.

"As we approached our imminent retirement we had mixed emotions as to what the future may hold for us. We really appreciated all the time that was put in to preparing our retirement scenarios. Being armed with the figures for differing eventualities is reassuring, so we now know how to confidently prepare for the future." -James and Deborah Kirkup (clients for 20 years)

Family Wealth

Managing your family legacy

If you’ve recently inherited some family wealth, you might now be tasked with responsibility for its stewardship. Often, the aim is to preserve and enhance capital for future generations, while enjoying income benefits along the way. This may involve maintaining a substantial portfolio of directly held stocks. At Wotherspoon Wealth, we have strong experience in monitoring and advising on tailor-made share portfolios for our clients.

“Apart from general piece of mind, we've found the independent advice and investment outcomes that you've been able to achieve for us over the years have more than adequately justified your fees. So as we've told our friends, we are very happy with the financial advice we receive from you.”

-Colin White

Business Owners

Turning business success into family wealth

Apart from good health and positive relationships, two other components of happiness are sufficient wealth and the satisfaction of achieving your goals. Business success brings greater control, time flexibility and earning capacity. With the right advice, these can result in sustainable family wealth.

"The staff at Wotherspoon Wealth are friendly and very helpful... I would certainly recommend them to people considering private wealth management and independent investment advice." -Mr Nontharie Uy

Dental and Medical Specialists

We are a specialist dental and medical advisory firm

As a dental or medical specialist, several unique issues affect your career, job security and ability to build financial independence.

"The long relationship of trust we have with you has given us peace of mind so we definitely feel our financial progress is in good hands.  Above all, we really value your "Independent advice", personalised service and the ease with which you understand the needs of medical professionals." -Dr David Morris & Mrs Kerrell Morris

Wotherspoon Wealth offers independent investment advice to help you manage, grow and maintain your wealth.

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