Independent Investment Advice

Specialising in high quality investment advice built around your needs

Our Approach

Very few Australian financial planning firms offer truly independent and impartial investment advice.

Wotherspoon Wealth has been doing this for many years and we are the first of our kind in Adelaide.

We’re not owned by any bank or institution. This means we can explore the full range of options to help you achieve the best outcomes.

Our independence avoids potential conflict between our advice and any investment solutions we may recommend to reach your goals. When it comes to your money, obtaining independent financial advice provides an extra layer of protection to ensure your best interests come first, every time.

What We Offer

Truly independent financial advice
Unencumbered by institutional ties, our only role is to offer high quality financial advice to help you achieve what’s most important to you. All decisions are yours, so you’re always in control.

Individually-tailored portfolio
We can help you choose appropriate tax structures and build a tailored portfolio that’s broadly diversified, matched to your tolerance for risk, and focused on achieving your unique goals.

Direct share portfolios
Wotherspoon Wealth specialises in direct share portfolios trading on the ASX. Our advisers have access to the latest technology and research, providing you with timely, expert advice.

Holistic and collaborative
To complement the experience and knowledge of our team, we work closely with other professionals (accountants, lawyers, brokers) to improve your financial certainty.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment methodology starts with clarifying your investment goals and timeframes in discussion with you. Being clear about ‘what’s important about money to you’ establishes a sound framework upon which to base all investment decisions.

We believe diversification, actively managed across asset classes and sectors, enhances potential returns. It reduces the impact of ‘pricing bubbles’ with potential for permanent capital loss, or unacceptable portfolio volatility.

Investment goals are more likely to be achieved with a carefully managed long-term focus on higher-quality assets.

  • Equity portfolios should target outstanding businesses that can keep investing capital at high rates of return. Such companies have sustainable competitive advantages through unique assets or skills and strong industry positions.

  • We prefer companies with more predictable cash flows, as this improves our ability to reliably assess their value while also reducing share price volatility.

  • We seek companies with strong management and a demonstrated history of allocating cash to the benefit of shareholders.

Within each investment sector, we try to boost potential returns by seeking assets trading at attractive prices relative to their underlying fundamental value. Overpaying for assets can cause weak returns or capital loss. In this context, patience is an asset.

Regardless of investment timeframes, liquidity is desirable – one lesson from the Global Financial Crisis. Investing in any illiquid asset needs to offer extra returns after fees to offset this inflexibility.

Our investment approach centres analysis of the intrinsic value of an asset class and expected returns for individual securities. A macroeconomic overlay helps further clarify asset allocation and quality portfolio tilts to ensure greater weighting to high-conviction opportunities.

Money saved is money earned, so we encourage cost-conscious choices to boost portfolio returns and increase efficiency via low product and low implementation costs in developing a portfolio for you.

Wotherspoon Wealth offers independent investment advice to help you manage, grow and maintain your wealth.

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