Retirement Planning

Strategic advice to optimise your sustainable retirement income

Our Approach

Just as an engineer or architect can do for a dollar what anyone could do for two, a good quality financial planner can get you a better outcome with peace of mind.

All our clients work with a well-qualified, experienced financial planner supported by a team of technical and client service specialists. Our staff work in a collegiate team, so there’s always someone who can help you and knowledge is shared for best practice.

Their complementary skills ensure your strategy and the recommended investments to implement it are tailored specifically to your needs with personalised, responsive support. In advising on your portfolio construction for sustainable retirement income, we favour direct investment for control and low cost where we can. You’d always feel we’re watching and anticipating change.

What We Offer

A trusted counsel
Clients tell us they really value our reliable advice and common sense approach, offering detail and liaison with other professional specialists as needed. We aim to make the complex, simple.

Judicious and independent
Positioned to avoid conflicting motives, we recommend whatever we think you need. Long advisory experience help us better sense legislative trends and investment cycle changes towards practical life choice solutions.

We blend our technical strength with an empathetic working relationship to clarify what outcomes you want, then map out a financial and lifestyle roadmap so you get there. Some designed-in flexibility is always valuable.

Technically sound advice
All our advisers are highly qualified with years of experience advising about realistically meeting one’s goals. Our collegiate style ensures life-long learning is shared around the firm for your benefit.

Financial Planning For Retirement

A comfortable retirement needs well-planned foundations before leaving work. We work on this with people every day as we optimise their situation together. While planning your retirement finances, it’s also wise to plan your lifestyle for then – how will you spend your time, once retired?

Financially, we can develop a tailored retirement planning strategy together for secure income to enjoy the retired life you’d imagined. Your preferred strategy may involve self-managed super funds, wrap accounts or industry super; family trusts; transitional or account-based pensions among other options. Once your strategy is agreed and implemented, together we’d ensure you stay well positioned, regardless of legislative, market or personal changes.

Making the Transition to Retirement

Our goal is to enable you to relax, knowing you’ve optimised your circumstances for retirement. Of course, everyone’s circumstances and preferences differ. So, retiring might be an abrupt change, or a gradual transition and the best strategy for each situation can vary.

In our discussion, we’ll also include some questionnaires that clarify your natural money decision-making style and tolerance for risk. We can discuss some strategic options for you to consider and also your investment risk/return preference.

Living Comfortably in Retirement

Our client testimonials say this best, so here a few excerpts:

“Over the years we feel relaxed with your wise counsel and easy to comprehend style of advice, readily debating merits and alternatives…. despite the ongoing global financial crisis. In retrospect, we should have consulted you years before.” - Professor Jeffrey Robinson and Mrs Elspeth Robinson.

"I have the skills and interest to manage my own investments but chose to work with Wotherspoon Wealth so I can concentrate on other activities in my retirement. I trust their judgement although I do give them a hard time in justifying some of their recommendations. It is also important for me to be a client of a smaller firm where I know their values and can be reasonably confident they’ll still be around as long as I will." - Ms Rosemary Osman

"As we approached our imminent retirement we had mixed emotions as to what the future may hold for us. We really appreciated all the time that was put into preparing our retirement scenarios. Being armed with the figures for differing eventualities is reassuring, so we now know how to confidently prepare for the future." - James and Deborah Kirkup (clients for 20 years)

We invite you to experience the Wotherspoon difference.

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