Private Wealth Management

Blending financial strategy with portfolio management and related services to better meet your goals.

Our Approach

We combine our absolute independence, proven investment skills and strategic know-how to help you achieve your goals. Most clients are affluent (or becoming so) and they value working with us to strengthen the pursuit of their goals.

Our experience can empower you to make judicious financial decisions.

Our team works closely with you to understand and clarify your financial and lifestyle aspirations, then work together with you to reach them. Our recommendations and strategies are the result of detailed analysis of your personal needs, goals, circumstances and values.

Private Wealth Management is a comprehensive advice service built around your needs. It can encompass some or all of our specialist advice areas, including:

What We Offer

Collaborative Advice
Great advice outcomes require a team approach. We integrate the multi-disciplinary skills of financial planners and investment advisers with tax, legal and lending specialists to create comprehensive advice.

We are an advice business (full stop). No product to sell. No conflicts of interest. A standard of excellence unmatched in Adelaide. Real transparency that puts you in control of the financial decisions you make.

Independent Advice
We're not owned by a bank or institution which means we can explore the full range of options to help you achieve the best outcomes. There’s no conflict between the advice we provide and any investment solutions we recommend to reach your goals.

Certainty & Control
Everything we do is designed to improve your overall wealth position and increase certainty in your financial life. We are passionate professionals that help you take control of your entire financial house.

The New World

Unfortunately, lobby power and the failings of legislation and regulation has allowed financial advisers to ‘sell’ product. Recent misguided legislative pressure is also forcing accounting and investment advice together, though each field requires very different skills. All these difficulties arose out of a change in 1988 to stop licensing investment advisers as individuals, and instead at a ‘dealer group’ level. It empowered financial institutions to acquire Financial Services licences and begin to employ advisers to sell their product.

As the financial advice industry continues to evolve, we believe it is entering a new era of professionalism where quality service, transparency and a client first approach is paramount.

The convergence of new technology and access to almost unlimited information has enabled consumers to facilitate a significant change to the way financial advice must be delivered. It is a change we have forged and welcome.

In our many years of providing financial advice, openness, transparency and accountability have been cornerstones to a successful advisory firm. This culture, coupled with our complete independence from any financial influence, lead us to a ‘new world’ approach to your situation.

Put simply, our professional role is to simplify anything complex and deliver certainty in your financial life so you can achieve that which is most important to you.

We invite you to experience the Wotherspoon difference.

Wotherspoon Wealth offers Private Wealth Management services to help you manage, grow and maintain your wealth.

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